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Find the best digital advertising talent

Bu has access to the best vetted digital advertising talent around the world...

  • …whooo can develop online ad campaigns in a snap

  • …whooo knows everything about Google Ads and social ad managers

  • …whooo can track which ad campaigns have been the most successful

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RJ Huebert

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Package 1

Google Ads: Build Account and Campaigns ($2437.50/fixed)

Package 2

Google Ads - Campaign Management (Monthly) ($3250.00/monthly)

Ryn Christian Gapud

Business Analyst / Social Media / SEO / Marketing

Package 1

Marketing / SEO ($11.70/hourly)

Package 2

Web / Wordpress Marketing ($11.70/hourly)

Abhilesh Kumar

Social Media Ads Expert

Package 1

Google ad Campaign Setup ($13.00/hourly)

Package 2

FB Campaign Setup ($13.00/hourly)

Robert Leoncio

Graphic Designer

Package 1

Branding ($1040.00/fixed)

Ronel Arat

Digital Marketing Specialist

Package 1

Google Ad Operation ($13.00/hourly)


Package 1

Digital Ads Management ($650.00/fixed)

Bu has access to the best vetted talent around the world…

  • …whooo have been trained on a process to follow industry best practices,

  • …whooo are connected to your team through a chat and a workflow application,

  • …whooo you can provide access to your strategy and plan to get individuals productive right away.