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Find the best web design & development talent

Bu has access to the best vetted web design & development talent around the world…

  • …whooo are experts at creating functional and eye-catching websites

  • …whooo understands why people go to your site and know what they want to see

  • …whooo knows how to use various content management systems

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Uddhab Haldar

Web Developer & Designer with WordPress Expertise

Package 1

Fix any WordPress bug, issue or error ($45.50/hourly)

Package 2

Website Maintenance ($117.00/monthly)


Package 1

Website Development/Revisions ($19.50/hourly)

Evgenii Simagin

UI/UX Design l Branding l Motion Design

Package 1

Website design ($45.50/hourly)

Genalyn May Ligason

Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Package 1

WEB DESIGN ($973.70/fixed)

Marmin Judaya

Multi-talented Digital Marketing Specialist

Package 1

WordPress Developer ($7.80/hourly)

Mardilyn Arbolado

Package 1

WIX Website Design & Development ($2468.70/fixed)

Ryn Christian Gapud

Business Analyst / Social Media / SEO / Marketing

Package 1

IT Business Analyst ($13.00/hourly)

Robb Stark

Brand and Marketing Strategist

Package 1

Website maintenance ($6.50/hourly)

Package 2

Spatial test service ($1.30/hourly)


Graphic Designer

Package 1

Graphic Design ($19.50/hourly)

Taha Najam

Package 1

Website Design ($19.50/hourly)

Kerzelie Dulatre

Package 1

Project Management ($26.00/hourly)

Package 2

Website Quality Assurance ($20.80/hourly)

Karen Joy Bellosillo

Package 1

Wix Website Designer ($780.00/fixed)

Bu has access to the best vetted talent around the world…

  • …whooo have been trained on a process to follow industry best practices,

  • …whooo are connected to your team through a chat and a workflow application,

  • …whooo you can provide access to your strategy and plan to get individuals productive right away.