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My name is Jedo. I’m a Virtual Assistant including but not limited to email marketing, real estate assistant, personal assistant, executive assistant, project management, lead generation, and data entry. I have completed thousands of varied tasks and I have an immense skill set. I am more

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Universidad de Manila

Public Administration, 2015-2019



General Virtual Assistant

Admin Support & Virtual Assistants

Job Type : Hourly

$ 6.50 /hourly

✔️ Workspace Management ✔️ Project Management ✔️ Operation ✔️ Email Management ✔️ Calendar Management ✔️ Appointment Management and Scheduling ✔️ Manage and Create: To do, Task, and more. ✔️... More

Email Marketing

Email Marketing & Automation

Job Type : Hourly

$ 10.40 /hourly

✔️ Setting up email campaign tools. ✔️ Setting up email deliverability to prevent SPAM. ✔️ Setting up DKIM and SPF. ✔️ Upload/Delete Contact ✔️ Export and Import lead to CRM ✔️ Export and Impo... More

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BS Public Administration

Graduate of BS Public Administration


Email Marketing and Outreach Specialist | 5centsCDN Inc

Oct 2021 - Apr 2022

✔️ Design, create and manage outreach campaigns ✔️ Coordinate with lead generation expert to enroll leads into the campaigns ✔️ Manage initial communication and Set up appointments with SDR and coordinate ✔️ Manage CRM ✔️ Update potential leads into the CRM

General Virtual Assistant | Tech Guys Fix Marketing LLC

Oct 2021 - Nov 2022

All-around Virtual Assistant including Marketing, Workspace Management, and Project Management

Executive Virtual Assistant | Show Me MO Homes

May 2022 - Present

All-around personal and real estate assistant including project management, workspace management, CEO Assistant, etc.


Fraud Analyst

✔️ Observe customer transactions to identify fraudulent activity. ✔️ Monitor customer transactions and records to identify unauthorized fraudulent accounts. ✔️ Determined existing fraud trends by analyzing accounts and transaction patterns. ✔️ Summarize all key information regarding the investigation into a detailed report. ✔️ Generate suspicious activity reports and risk management reports for Managers. ✔️ Ensure confidentiality of all information collected during the investigation.


  • email marketing
  • outreach
  • personal assistant
  • executive assistant
  • lead generation
  • project management
  • google workspace management
  • general office skills
  • email management
  • calendar management
  • appointment management
  • data entry
  • crm expert
  • B2B Lead generation
  • LinkedIn Outreach
  • canva graphic


Project Management

Responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, executive, control, and completion of the project while remaining aligned with the strategy, commitments, and goals of the organization.

Google Drive Management

View users files and folders and review sharing permissions, including Google Shared Team Drives.

Google Workspace Management

View user profiles and your organizational structure. Create new groups in the Admin console. Manage members of groups created in the Admin console.

CRM Management

Work closely with sales and accounts managers to ensure that all staff preserves relationships with clients.

Email Marketing Automation

Create email automation in different marketing tools eg. Mailjet, salesmate, HubSpot, Sender, Mailchimp, etc

Cold Outreach

Automate message to LinkedIn for first contact.

Upwork Profile

Work more Jobs in Upwork and completed multiple projects in the past.

Calendar Management and Appointment Management

Manage client appointments and calendar schedules including personal schedule, google meet, zoom meetings, etc.

CRM Administrator

Work closely with sales and accounts managers to ensure that all staff preserves relationships with clients.